My Little Munchkins!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diner is open!

Daddy and Amelia had a great time at the diner the other afternoon. Amelia loves to cook and sample her concoctions. We've submitted her diner to KATU's Restaurant Report Card. (Reviews restaurants to see if they're to code)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A weekend play date

This weekend, Amelia had her BFF over, Kendyl, for a playdate.

Here are a few pictures:

Thursday, March 25, 2010


We had a fun evening last night. Amelia apparently had to use the potty. Unfortunately, the bath tub was her potty of choice. Needless to say, the bath tub is spotless!

Munchkin #2 News:
I finally felt the munchkin move! It came when I was 14w1d! That was about a week and a half earlier than with Amelia. Munchkin doesn't move a lot (that I feel) yet, but I know that time is coming.

More to come!

Fashion Show!

Daddy finally finished it! Here's video of Amelia's Spring 2010 Nordstrom Fashion Show.


If the video cuts off and you can't see it on the whole screen, follow this link:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Driveby Post

Don't have much time to post... so this will be a drive by with a few pictures!

Lots to say...

Munchkin #2 News:
Went in for the first trimester screen on March 1. The turkey wasn't behaving during the ultrasound. So I grounded him/her. I said, "No coming out to play for another five months." Amelia wasn't too sure of the u/s. She kept looking at me, the equipment on my tummy and the monitor. We got a great shot of baby high fiving Amelia! Anyway, the tech couldn't get a good read on the monitor of the nuchal fold after a half hour, so I had to reschedule for March 4. That turned out to be a blessing. MoMo and Faux Pa came out to visit and flew in on March 4. So after a quick pick up at the airport and drop off at the house for their luggage, I dragged MoMo 22 miles to the u/s appointment. She loved it. First time witnessing an u/s. The turkey wasn't cooperating again, so after downing a breakfast bar in my purse and sweetart hearts and a bunch of poking at my uterus, s/he turned and gave us a great shot of the nuchal fold. Then proceeded to show MoMo how s/he stretches its legs.

Pics from the first u/s date.

High Five!

Munchkin #1:

Had a wonderful time with MoMo and Faux Paux. Faux Paux stayed until Monday and then MoMo stayed until Wednesday. She had work to do... to paint the wall where the mural once stood! She did wonderful. More on their stay later with pictures... but here's a picture of the newly painted mural. Amelia loves it, too. She knows Sam and the fish!

And yesterday, Amelia was in her third fashion show! She did great. She went down the extra long runway like a pro... until halfway down. Then she turned to me and said "Up!" Instead of facing tears, I picked her up and we walked down together the rest of the way until it was time to pose on the green mat. She of course had her entourage... Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, "Grandpa" Jack, "Grandma" Nancy, Jen and BFF Kendyl.

Here's a few pics of her in her dress... more to come (video and more pics)

I promise to post more in depth information (and pictures) later this week! Hopefully, this will get you interested and wanting more! :)