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Monday, August 27, 2012

Elaina's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a great weekend celebrating Elaina's 2nd Birthday. This birthday's theme (ugh!): Caillou. He's the bald headed Canadian with the whiney voice. Nevertheless, Elaina LOVED the birthday festivities.

Here are a few pictures:

Special order Caillou cake. Thanks Albertsons!

Yes, they even have Caillou dishware.

Eating with Gabriel, Sophie, Amelia and Kendyl.

Other angle: Kendyl, Jen, Elaina and Gabriel.

She knew exactly what to do and was ready!

Got cake?

Opening up presents.

What's this?? A sandbox!

It's more fun to play in the tissue paper!


jlmishler said...

It was a good party!!!